Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drama in Hairbowland!!!

So the Yahoo Group that I used to belong to, Freehairbows, claims to be "a group free from cattiness, in-fighting and control from the instruction sellers". What a joke.

It is group that is based on a web page designed to help mothers, grandmothers, and (future?) small business owners learn to make hair bows, yet the moderators allow its members to be ridiculed and attacked for typos and the misuse of words. What a great learning environment! <--Slight sarcasm indicated here...

The people who get reprimanded by the moderators are the ones who contact them when the known bully starts pushing people around. I personally didn't do that; However I did post that I'd watch how the MODS handled her. They didn't, BTW.

I'm all for differing opinions. Hell, I'm opinionated and an independent thinker too. However, there is a time, a place, and a professional way to handle these things. What purpose does it serve to bring ones opinion up in a ridiculing way in front of everyone who cares to gawk besides directing traffic to your own site and selling advertising??? Did you get a few more clicks today than usual? Was it worth it? What kind of a vulture makes their living off of other people's misery?

I chose to leave because I believe the company you keep changes who you are. If someone has lower standards than you do, you either bring them to your level or they drag them down to theirs. Life is too short to spend one moment in the presence of toxic people, especially when the ones in charge side with the vulture. There are other bow groups out there.

Honestly, I'd learned all I needed to from that group. I was confident enough with my bow making skills to start mentoring some of the newbies. It felt good to give back, and I'll miss that for sure.

If anyone is looking for me, I'm in friendlyhairbowmakers and littlebowpeephairbows, as well as a few other exclusive groups. I'll miss you gals! I grew attached to many of you, and that is exactly why I refuse to stay in a group where the moderators allow a bully to push any of you around.

Friday, October 10, 2008

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